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Student Leadership

At Good Samaritan, we believe that leadership can be an integral opportunity to develop skills of lifelong learning which include effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Student leadership is about the art of motivating, influencing and directing people so that they work together to achieve the goals of the school in collaboration with the staff and parents.

The final year of primary school is one opportunity for students to formalise these developing leadership skills.

Positive student leadership opportunities and experiences support the overall culture of the school.

Student leadership is underpinned by the school values of Inclusion, Compassion and a Love of Learning.

Student leadership at Good Samaritan aims to:

  • bring student perspective to school decision making
  • support student learning, wellbeing and behaviour
  • support the identification of student needs
  • make the school a happy, joyful and trusting place to be

Leadership Structure

At Good Samaritan, the student Leadership structure is made up of 2 School Captains, 6 Vice Captains and Student Action Groups.

School Captains

The two school captains represent both Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School and the student body. They meet regularly with all Vice Captains and the Principal to set goals for school improvement and community service.

Vice Captains

The school vice captains support the school captains in the representation of both Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School and the student body. They meet regularly with the Captains and the Principal to ensure that the action plans related to the set goals are being carried out, evaluated and adjusted accordingly to meet the needs of the Good Samaritan students.

Student Action Groups

The student action groups are fluid groups that are formed on a needs basis across the school year. The student action groups are made up of students who wish to volunteer their time for short periods to achieve specific goals.

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