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gsfm13SPB4L is an evidence-based framework for establishing the social culture at Good Samaritan school so that all children experience a positive and supportive school environment. It is an organisational framework for identifying, adopting and applying evidence based practices for building and supporting academic and social success for all students.  

The essential features of a successful school-wide system of positive behavioural support include:

  • staff agreements on a common purpose and approach to discipline
  • positive expectations for all children
  • procedures for teaching expected behaviours
  • continuum of procedures for encouraging expected behaviours
  • discouraging inappropriate behaviours

The effectiveness of the SPB4L Framework is monitored and evaluated regularly.

SPB4L ensures that all students have the social and emotional skills needed to succeed in school and beyond by explicitly teaching children the expected social behaviours across all school settings.

The three behavioural expectations at Good Samaritan are:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible

and form the core of the school's SPB4L model.

Teaching, reinforcing and modelling these behavioural expectations is the most effective response for preventing school-based behaviour problems including school bullying.  Moreover, teaching and supporting social behavioural skills to children promotes student behavioural health and wellbeing and contributes to academic success.

SPB4L assists parents and carers to work collaboratively with the staff at Good Samaritan, to:

  • maintain a safe, supportive learning environment
  • promote positive life skills
  • reduce negative behaviours 

so that all children can be successful in their journey at school