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Pastoral Care

gsfm bAt Good Samaritan School we define Pastoral Care as an expression of love based on the life of Jesus.  It is sustained by Catholic values and is embedded in the diverse religious, academic, social, emotional and physical aspects of school life.  

Pastoral Care respects the dignity of each person and their contribution to the school community.

It is an authentic expression of the Vision and Mission of the school and is reflected in the quality of daily relationships and how these relationships are maintained and repaired.

It is the responsibility of the whole school community to actively promote the wellbeing of each other through:

  • continuing to develop each individual's Catholic faith tradition through prayer, worship and action
  • developing a school climate that creates a sense of belonging and recognises the dignity of each individual
  • building a community of shared roles and responsibilities, focused on positive relationships
  • encouraging opportunities for leadership that is effective, caring and characterised by mutual respect, honesty and cooperation
  • establishing high and achievable expectations
  • developing the full potential by providing a safe and supportive environment
  • affirming the positive contributions of all the community
  • establishing procedures that promote an inclusive community
  • encouraging positive behaviours and acknowledging individual achievements
  • promoting the rights and responsibilities of all members of the community
  • protecting the moral and human integrity of each person
  • raising social justice consciousness and awareness

A 'buddy' system operates for Kindergarten students.  Each Kindergarten student is 'adopted' by a member of the Year 6 class.  This provides mutual support, sharing and fosters a sense of community.