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Religious Education Curriculum

gsfm cIt is the family, more than the Church or the school, which exerts the deepest influence on the religious development of young children. Christian witness is the most important contribution that parents make to the religious education of their children.

All students take part in Religious Education Programs. The school also provides other opportunities for its students to express and deepen their Faith through school Masses, liturgies, prayer and in Christian service and witness within their school environment and the wider community.

Ideally, the work of the school in this regard reflects home life, and is supported by it. The school acknowledges that the education of Faith, aims at the development of a living and personal commitment to Christ, and an active sharing in the life of the church.

Children experience formal religious education each day based upon the Religious Education Syllabus approved for use in the Diocese of Wollongong.

The formation of Christian values underpins the entire school program.

Specific programs of Personal Development and Human Sexuality, with this
perspective of Christian Values, are conducted each year.


Our Religious Education program aims to

Develop in the children a conscious loving relationship with

  • God, as a loving Creator
  • Jesus, the risen Christ, the centre of our Faith community
  • the Holy Spirit, sent by Jesus Christ

Build a school faith community, where the children will live and love as witnesses of the Catholic faith through the efforts of

  • the Parish Priest
  • staff
  • students
  • parents/carers
  • wider community

Help the students discover and celebrate their Christian Catholic identity within the living experience of the family of God, the Church in the world

Help the students reach their full potential as individuals, spiritually, socially, physically and intellectually