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Transition to School

square21The difference between those children who come to school prepared and those who don't is significant.  To prepare children is to encourage a positive attitude that will last their school career.

Good Samaritan provides an intensive orientation and transition to school program, New Beginningsthe first phase occurring in the year prior to the children starting school.  

The first phase runs four two-hour sessions during Term 4 to which both parents and children are invited.  Parents meet with the Principal and members of staff for Information Sessions and also have a chance to meet other new parents over Morning Tea. The children meet their Yr 6 buddies for the following year and spend time playing and taking part in some fun activities in their new classroom with the Kindergarten teachers.  This phase finishes with a Welcoming BBQ at the end of the year prior to starting school.

The second phase is our transition program called Let's Get Started and occurs once the children have started school in Term 1.  Knowing how to socialise within a classroom and playground setting is a vital skill necessary for every child
starting school. The program sets a daily social skill focus aimed at giving children these necessary skills. Through role-play, puppet shows of storytelling, children are exposed to social situations that they may encounter in the classroom or playground.  

These days many of the children coming into school are graduates of a pre-school or similar prior to the school setting.  In those settings children are predominantly learning through play.  There is the perception by both children and their parents that by starting school playtime is over.  Both the New Beginnings and Let's Get Started programs are based on learning through play.  Establishing quality relationships is seen as the key to a positive transition to school.  It is our hope that through such programs as this, that we are building on our children's inherent capabilities to secure positive relationships and also become motivated life-long learners.

New families are invited to attend the parent-run playgroup on the school grounds, giving parents and children an opportunity to become familiar with the school surroundings and begin forming friendships amongst their peers.