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Learning Support Centre

gsfm fA Learning Support Centre operates at Good Samaritan School, catering for all students with diverse learning needs. The Learning Support Centre caters for students with mild to moderate learning needs.

The goal of the Learning Support Centre is to provide support for students with additional and diverse learning needs in an inclusive Catholic school community.

“All students with special needs are learners with the potential to achieve. This will occur best in an environment that is inclusive, welcoming and safe and where there is shared responsibility by all of the school community to affirm the right of all students to participate fully in all aspects of school life based on the principles of equity, access, participation and human rights.

Underpinning the Diocesan Special Education Policy and Support Statement is the belief that every human life, created in the image of God, has dignity and value. Inclusively is an integral part of the Church’s response to social justice in the world and in an education setting.”

Special Education Support